Happy Nappers

What makes us happy is sharing your good nap stories with our community.  Thank you to the #naptivists that let us know what a difference incorporating a nap into their working day has on their lives.

Nap Stories

During this strange lockdown time I’ve felt extraordinarily tired. This has led to me taking a 20 minute nap in the afternoon. I can’t quite believe the increase in energy and focus this gives me. Definitely a habit to be continued, my husband is also a convert!

Shirley Greenaway

Leadership Coach

I have always felt the benefits of napping, but now as a working mum of a young toddler, the power of my nap has never been more valuable.

Taking the opportunity to have undisturbed time to completely unplug from the world around and simply rest my mind and body for 20 minutes, has a remarkable impact – I go from a state of feeling fatigued and overwhelmed by the pressures of the day, to being energised, productive and clear headed.

Even better still, my reliance on caffeine to get me through the day is significantly reduced on days when I take a nap.

Clare Antill

Director of Operations and Finance, Building Surveyors

I was working at my computer today – around 1400.  I was LITERALLY falling asleep!  Which was a disaster as I’ve got a piece of client work I must finish today.

So, rather than battling on (unproductively), I gave in and took a power nap.  Got my other half to wake me afterwards with a cuppa.

I have been ON FIRE since and have definitely been far more productive than if I’d just battled on through.

And I’ve completed the client work much quicker than I thought!

Johanna Hooper

Recently, I’ve been waking up too early and have noticed that it correlates with the fact that I’ve missed my usual 20 min naps (work/life/forgot) over the same period.

I know that when I do schedule in a nap at about 2.00pm, not only will I sleep better at night, but I also deal with the rest of my day’s work, coaching clients or writing proposals, more quickly and with renewed energy. Reflecting on how I used to work, pushing on through the mid-afternoon slump, I now complete my tasks more efficiently with less interference from my tired brain and body.

I’m going to start my naps again today!

Chris Birkbeck

Leadership Consultant

I am a great believer in napping. I regularly take 20-30 minute naps – usually between 1-3pm.

When I allow myself to have a nap it makes a huge difference to how I experience the second half of the day. I feel completely refreshed. My mind feels rested and clear, I feel bright, creative and energised.

When I nap I never lie in bed under the duvet. I always either nap on the sofa or on my bed.

Napping is invaluable and crucial for my wellbeing, mental health and creativity.

Karen Liebenguth

Coach & mindfulness trainer, Green Space

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