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Are naps coming back with us to the office?

Cara Moore gives her expert opinion on the importance of rest and naps being encouraged and accepted as a good thing to do as we return to the office after the pandemic.


9th March 2022

Listen to Cara Moore on the SafeTalk podcast

Cara Moore was delighted to be the guest on the SafeTalk podcast by SafeStart. Listen in to why and how naps can contribute to healthier, safer, happier and more productive workspaces:



9th September 2021

Larry Wilson Live — The Power of Napping and Why if You Snooze, You WIN.

ProNappers’ CEO Cara Moore was the guest safety expert in conversation with Larry Wilson, CEO of SafeStart International.


28th July 2021

You’re heading back to the office. If she has her way, there will be nap time!

Cara Moore was interviewed for Fortune Magazine on how to break the ‘nap taboo’ of corporate life. She thinks COVID-19 will be the catalyst for that change.


Fortune Magazine (7th May 2021)

Silicon Valley Rest Influencer and Author of ‘Rest’ and ‘Shorter’, Alex Soojung-Kim Pang talked to our CEO Cara and shared his thoughts on the “outsize” benefits to companies of allowing and encouraging power naps in the workday. He says, “The next great frontier is adjusting the rhythm of the working day to build in a conscious period of downtime.” 

Please see snippet below;

January 2021  

Sleeping on the job: how a quick nap makes us more efficient

“Go for a run! Guzzle a Green juice! Take a Nap!”

ProNappers are thrilled to have our Founder Cara Moore quoted in the Observer Magazine.


The Sunday Observer (6th Dec 2020)

How To Nap To Reduce Covid-19 Stress

“I am a 57 year old businessman. Without fail I take a 30 minute nap every day of the week, including weekends. It works wonders. Cara Moore, CEO of ProNappers, explains the many benefits of napping and introduces the Circadian Rhythm.”

Mental Health Mark (15th May 2020)

Less Zoom, more Zzzzz: Why it’s OK to sleep on the job

We’ve been speaking to The Sunday Post about how to boost your energy level during the C-19 crisis! 

Afternoon naps offer an effective solution for homeworker suffering from burnout after juggling home-schooling with a demanding day job and hours of  Zoom meetings. 

“As well as feeling refreshed and revitalised afterwards, taking a nap also improves your focus and concentration, which many home workers struggle with.”

Read the article here!

The Sunday Post (15th May 2020)

How Can Napping Boost Productivity at Work?

Our fab Nap consultant Sam Ellis was due to speak at an In-house Recruitment conference in May in Manchester which has been sadly cancelled, so the clever team have collated a few mini ‘trailers’ for when it’s rescheduled. Here Sam is at home, talking about napping for productivity. She has squeezed a lot of benefits into just 2 minutes!

In-House Recruitment (1st April 2020)

Elizabeth Day: The happiness formula we need right now

You Magazine’s Elizabeth Day reveals the secret for happiness we need in these strange times.

*Spoiler alert*

It includes an afternoon nap and one of our ProNappers Nap Aroma Inhaler.

Read the article here.

You Magazine (29th March 2020)

THE SNOOZE FACTOR: Why Napping Is The Performance Booster Your Employees Need

#ChatTalent were kind enough to invite us to write an article for World Sleep Day.

 Are you a napper?

Is napping the answer to getting the best out of your people? 

When talking about employee performance and wellbeing we all too often forget to consider the snooze factor. This is a fundamental oversight because sleep is serious business, and it’s costing your business hard-earned cash.

Napping is the overlooked solution to our global productivity crisis.

Read the article here.

#ChatTalent (13th March 2020)

Napping with Cara Moore




Ready to tap into the power of napping? Cara Moore, founder of ProNappers, shares her expert advice and tips for harnessing the power of sleep in the day. We explore how napping can have a positive impact on our mood and productivity *and* how to get the best naps into a busy day. 

Listen here

School For Mothers Podcast (16 February 2020)

How to get more sleep

We’ve been speaking to the FT about Naps! In Dan Garrahan’s video: ‘How to get more sleep,’ he gets some top napping tips from Cara Moore (our founder) and gives napping a try in the FT offices – watch below to find out how he gets on.

Watch the video here via@FT


Financial Times (13th February 2020)

You Snooze You Win

Research from Deloitte (2019) says it’s time for progressive organisations to “turn the tide and create a culture that encourages sleep”

“……organizations may be overlooking a powerful way to potentially upskill and gain competitive advantage, which could be accessed much more readily, and at far less expense, than broad-scale training and innovation initiatives……the untapped potential that can be gained from having a well-rested workforce.” 

Deloitte reports that “sleep may, in fact, be the ultimate performance enhancer” and identified a number of tactics organisations can use to help foster a sleep-first culture including providing nap rooms so employees can rest during the workday.

Read Deloitte’s case for You Snooze You Win
Deloitte (4th February 2019)

Could power naps be the answer to a woke workplace?

ProNappers was recently featured in The Telegraph speaking about its mission to normalise napping at work.

The Telegraph’s Anna Hart said; “My week of napping persuades me that the most effective healthy habit has been hiding in plain sight. It’s been calling to us, around 3pm, for years.”

Napping is good for your energy levels, your mood and your ability to focus and think clearly.

Perhaps power-napping really could “revolutionise the workplace”?

Read the article here

The Telegraph (15th January 2020)

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