Meet our Nap Specialists

ProNappers is a fresh new consultancy formed of coaches, wellbeing practitioners and sleep experts.  We have the science, thought-leadership, consultancy and nap-room expertise to support you in making napping a normal and even a necessary part of optimum workplace performance.

Our Charity Partner


We’re supporting Hope2Sleep, a Registered Charity run by Sleep Apnoea Sufferers, CPAP & Non-Invasive Ventilator Users and Sleep Professionals – all of whom are passionate and committed in volunteering to support people to get the safe restful sleep they deserve! 

By any metrics we use to determine business success – profit margins, marketplace dominance, employee creativity or worker satisfaction and wellness – creating the necessary conditions for employees to obtain enough sleep in the workplace during the day, should be thought of as a new form of physiologically injected venture capital.

Matthew Walker, Professor & Author ‘Why We Sleep'

Napping, when used appropriately, is an essential part of a good sleep tool kit. Naps have been shown to improve cognitive functioning, co-ordination, memory, learning and to improve decision making.

Dave Gibson, Sleep Specialist

Napping is a necessary and effective tool that can be used by anyone in pursuit of optimum health, happiness and productivity.

Sara Mednick, Ph.D. Research Scientist, Salk Institute, USA

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