Culture Change

We offer a simple and integrated consultancy solution to turn napping into healthy high performance for your business. Although talking about napping may sound light-hearted, we take the levers of behaviour change very seriously.  

Our 8 levers of culture change:

1. Connect personal-energy management to your business purpose

2. Personally engage individuals

3. Ensure the Exec are the advocates

4. Launch the programme by breaking the script

5. Make take-up frictionless

6. Leverage social proof in communications

7. Drive nudges in behaviour via Influencers and champions

8. Listen and involve and incentivise self-care

Our culture change process:


We begin with inspiration to open minds to the productivity and wellbeing benefits of napping.


We help employees consider their own limiting attitudes to napping and assess their physiological capacity to do their best work.


We experientially engage with leaders, teams, managers and more to smash the stigma.


We personalise and enhance the napping experience for individuals with specially selected nap products.


We support nap champions with knowledge and resources to build and maintain a napping culture.

I attended a workshop with Cara and Sam today from ProNappers which really made me question why I should be any more embarrassed about taking a 20 minute nap at lunchtime than putting on my gym clothes and going for a workout. Takes less time out of my day and will definitely help me with the post lunch slump I get everyday which could last hours.
Sonia Gariva

Employee Engagement and Motivation Expert

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