Nap Room Solutions

Forward thinking and progressive companies who know that their people’s mental health, energy, and ability to think clearly and creatively is key to high performance – speed, accuracy, innovation, risk mitigation are providing designated spaces in the workplace for rest and recovery.

We appreciate that in post Covid times we’re all less confident in shared spaces. With ProNappers advising you, please be assured that all the latest Health and Safety issues are covered.

From serenity rooms to chill-out zones we provide the nap space solution for you. ProNappers have the design and installation expertise to turn a quiet corner into a Nap Nook or refurbish a larger space into a Nap Haven that nappers will want to use.

We can also provide the best personal napping products to create your personal nap space when working from home.


Nap Room Solutions

Inspiring Spaces

We can start by inspiring you with a concept board of nap room possibilities. 

Recommended Products

Let us guide you through the best products on the napping market, carefully curated by us to suit your business.

Bespoke Design

Nap room features and furniture for your corporate wellbeing brand experience will be designed to your bespoke needs.

Policies and Protocols

We consult on policies and protocols to smoothly introduce new team napping behaviours.

Full Service

We manage the nap room installation from concept to handover.

Go Live

We help you with a high impact nap room launch to begin your napping revolution.