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The natural approach to pro-active rest & recovery for performance.

A 60 minute engaging talk on why you need to open your eyes and wake up to The Power Nap!  

Cost £500: further details below  

“It was fantastic to have Cara and Sam from ProNappers join us as part of our sleep-focused Wellness Week at House of Sport.
They really helped to uncover the benefits of the power nap and understanding the challenge of shifting your own personal mindset and encouraging that thinking amongst colleagues, removing the stigma of napping and how actually it can be just as beneficial within the day as a walk outside in terms of boosting productivity.
We had a great, engaging session with lots of discussion that really got us thinking, no easy feat when you are conducting sessions virtually!”
Ruth Martin

Communications and Operations Officer, House of Sport

The content:

The C-19 pandemic has transformed the way people work but did you know that despite the flexibility of working from home, research has shown that:

  • The new working day is now 48.5 minutes longer than pre-pandemic

  • Virtual Visibility has taken over from workplace presenteeism

  • Many people are sleeping for less hours than before despite gaining back their commute time

  • Many people are sleeping less well due to stress and anxiety and prescriptions for insomnia have risen?

Instead of wearily powering through, we invite you to add a vital new tool into your own wellness and energy management kit bag. Would you like to take advantage of a personal rest and recovery approach which is free, requires no learning and takes only 20 minutes?

Talk host Nap Ninja Cara Moore

Founder and Managing Partner

“Welcome to The Power Nap – The Natural Approach to Pro-Active Rest & Recovery for Performance. In the hour together, we’ll look at: 

  • The 7 reasons organisations need to talk about napping now 
  • The numerous benefits (including lifting performance and supporting your mental health) of putting a power nap into your work day
  • Where, when and how to have a great nap

Come along ready to learn about the natural solution to improve your rest and recovery and a new way to recharge for sustainable healthy high-performance”

Cost: £500 for a 60 minute virtual talk "The Power of Napping"

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