Nap School

Comprises of 3 x 15 minute interactive e-learning modules. 

Combining video shorts, infographics, e-quizzes and simple guides, they focus on the recovery and wellbeing aspects of why and how to nap. 

Nap school is packed with interactive, fact-packed features to make the serious business about napping easy, accessible, personal and fun.

Further details on our modules can be found below;


Module 1 explains the strategic importance of Rest and Recovery for wellbeing and performance. You instinctively know that regular time out is vital, yet you override this basic need at your peril. In this module you’ll learn why unplugging and resting is the energy management tool you need to take seriously.


Module 2 sets out the proven science and benefits of napping. You’ll learn that napping is a normal human function and how in just 20 minutes your mind and body can benefit, making you more focused, productive, calmer and nicer to be around in the workplace or at home.


Module 3 helps you have the perfect nap. You’ll learn to recognise the signs of fatigue in yourself and how to give yourself permission to nap. You’ll learn how to optimise sound, light, temperature, aroma and position for the perfect 20-minute nap so that you wake up refreshed and ready for the rest of your day.

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