We’re here to normalise napping at work!

Forward thinking companies are putting rest into results. 

It’s time to wake up

ProNappers is a fresh new consultancy formed of coaches, wellbeing practitioners and sleep experts and we have the science, thought-leadership, consultancy and nap-room expertise to support you in making napping a normal and even a necessary part of optimum workplace performance.

What we do …


Find out how we help individuals, managers, leaders and whole organisations develop new knowledge and confidence to normalise napping in the workplace for improved wellbeing and performance.

Nap Room Solutions

From a bespoke set of napping products to the entire refurbishment of a nap room, we can help create a space nappers will want to use.

Our Store

We curate the best napping products on the market and give you our opinion so you can rest assured you’re getting the best nap.

Latest Nap Chats

If you’d like to know what we know about napping, then dive in to one of our many blogs on the subject. You can find more here

The Productivity Formula

The Productivity Formula

I’ve got a secret for you, skill and experience alone are not enough to succeed. You could have the most capable employee on the planet, but without energy they would not succeed.

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