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‘Become a Naptivist’

A workshop from ProNappers to de-stress your workforce and boost productivity.

Getting enough sleep is essential for healthy high-performance, but sleeping well at night is just half the story.

Did you know that only 20% of your employees get the recommended 7-8 hours sleep at night? That means EIGHT out of every TEN people in your office are weary and working sub-optimally, distracted, irritable with others and making mistakes.

  • Despite best intentions and healthy sleep hygiene, real life gets in the way of a good night’s sleep – doing business across early and late time zones, worrying about deadlines, babies waking, menopausal night sweats, partners snoring all disturb us.


  • Our natural circadian rhythm means that even those who sleep well at night experience an energy slump in the early afternoon and forcing them to carry on with caffeine, chocolate or coke is neither healthy nor effective. 

A 20 minute Power Nap can help you recover from a broken night, recharge you when fatigue hits and is more productive than a destructive power-through culture.

Gyms are not for everyone!

Progressive business leaders know that an INCLUSIVE wellbeing strategy, that supports everyone to work at their best must go beyond the fruit bowl, the discounted cinema tickets and yoga classes and include enabling your people to be mentally well rested.

ProNappers can help you fill the gap of mental fatigue. Our nap experts will inspire your teams with the benefits and simplicity of adding a power nap into their working day.

From our ‘Become a Naptivist’ workshop, your people will:

  • See the value of their own lost productivity from fatigue denial
  • Recognise the inadequacies of focusing only on good night-time sleep habits
  • Understand how napping is normal
  • Love the immediate benefits they can gain from a 20 minute power nap
  • Learn how to nap well
  • Smash through the negative attitudes limiting their successful napping
  • Go away with their own Nap-Sack starter kit to give them that extra boost to get napping.

Power Naps will de-Stress your workforce.

Contact us to find out more about our ‘Become a Naptivist’ workshop and wake up to the benefits of napping.

We will show you how introducing Napping into your inclusive wellbeing provision is good for the healthy high performance of your people!

Please get in touch with Cara or  Sam at ProNappers to discuss booking a workshop.

After the workshop we can help you to start integrating napping into your workplace by:
  • Supplying the very best Nap Pod, Nook or Seating for your office.
  • Planning and designing your perfect dedicated Nap Haven
  • Providing exclusive Nap product offers for all Workshop attendees.

Our Naptivist workshops are:

· Different & inspiring

· Interactive & participative

· Personal & reflective

· Engaging & multisensory

· Fact-packed & fun-filled

The details

Numbers: Our workshop is suitable for groups of 20-100

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Cost: from £2000 depending on numbers and duration

Nap-Sack starter kit (optional): £20 per person

Nap Expert: Guest expert speaker Robert Herring CBE is available to share his experience as the former head of the UK’s bomb disposal capability on the importance of sleep and rest for high performance in critical situations.

“Stress, anxiety and a racing mind keep me awake and worrying about how I will cope the next day makes it harder to sleep; knowing I will be able to have a nap at work calms me and I relax. Day time naps actually help me sleep better at night”

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