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 Inspire and educate your teams in napping for personal energy management and wellbeing.

“Brilliant session today from Cara and Sam about the power of napping for productivity. I’m now fully committed to an afternoon nap rather than my usual approach to power through (which just isn’t useful). Indeed I’ve just put a daily nap time into my calendar!”


Clare Norman: Executive Coach and Culture Change Expert

A Workshop from ProNappers will support your workforce and lift performance through pro-active energy management.

The topic of ‘sleep’ is benefitting from  huge interest as a recent study has shown, 38% of us are sleeping fewer hours or less well since the C-19 pandemic began and so many people are very weary. 

Matthew Walker (author of Why We Sleep) has also been very vocal on how we need to pay attention to our own circadian rhythms and listen to when our bodies need rest, and also how important rest is to supporting our immune system.  

Learn how, despite our best intentions and healthy sleep hygiene, real life is getting in the way of a good night’s sleep. Doing business across early and late time zones, worrying about the future, babies waking, menopausal night sweats, partners snoring are all the things which disturb us. Power naps can help.

Our workshops support our focus on developing Personal Nap Spaces, the mindset around naps and self-leadership, and instilling healthy working behaviour habits to manage energy levels and support positive mental health.

Learn how a 20-minute power nap will help you recover from a broken night, recharge you when fatigue hits and is more productive than the destructive power-through culture.

Let our nap experts inspire your teams with the benefits of adding a power nap into their working day.

• In our flagship workshops for teams, participants learn how taking proactive short rests in the day can sustain performance and wellbeing whether working from home or returning, in some way, to the workplace
• In our Managers workshops, participants learn how adding napping into their team’s recovery portfolio will lift their results and improve collaboration
• In our Leaders workshops, participants learn about the commercial advantages of adopting napping into their energy management approaches
• In our Wellbeing Champions workshops, participants go deeper into the science and learn how to integrate napping into their wellbeing portfolio for the long term

for healthy high-performance, but sleeping well at night is just half the story.

After all our workshops, everyone receives a Nap Sack which includes products and exclusive offers to begin napping successfully. Items include our Eye Mask, Aroma Inhaler and Guided Nap Meditations


        Nap Sacks

        The details

        Numbers: Our workshops are suitable for groups of 20-100

        Duration: 60-90 minutes

        Cost: from £2000 depending on numbers and duration

        Nap-Sack starter kit (optional): £20 per person

        Nap Expert: Guest expert speaker Robert Herring CBE is available to share his experience as the former head of the UK’s bomb disposal capability on the importance of sleep and rest for high performance in critical situations.

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