I’ve got a secret for you, skill and experience alone are not enough to succeed. You could have the most capable employee on the planet, but without energy they would not succeed. 

This may appear obvious, but it is fundamental, and a lack of energy is derailing employee productivity across the globe. This is shown by our simple productivity formula;

Productivity = Capability x Energy

Despite our best efforts, 70% of people in the UK are getting less than the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Forget The Walking Dead, we’re The Walking Tired, and this is encroaching on our ability to be successful at work and in life. There are millions of reasons why someone may fail to get their recommended amount of sleep from sleep disorders, to young children, or staying up late or waking up early to take Skype meetings with international clients. 

All of this reduces the energy levels of employees and undermines their ability. Energy is the key to all elements of performance. A lack of energy can limit comprehension, dexterity, resourcefulness, speed, and accuracy, not to mention engagement, ambition, and mood, each undermining productivity in their own way.

While there is a lot we can do as employers to help our employees get better night time sleep, day time napping can be just as effective a remedy to a lack of energy at work. Research by Nap Expert Sara Mednick, shows that napping can improve performance as effectively as a full night of sleep, giving employees the energy they need to perform at their highest level.

Furthermore, in Timothy Gallwey’s renowned coaching book, ‘The Inner Game of Tennis’, he sets out his version for a productivity formula:

Performance = Potential – Interference

By any one’s standard, being tired is one kind of interference which will hold you back from performing at your best.

So when you are next considering how to boost employee performance consider our productivity formula and ask yourself whether napping could be used to boost the energy of your employees.

For more information on how napping can revolutionise your work place check out our Nap-o-graphic.


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