Matt Stanley

Matt Stanley

Managing Partner & Nap Ranger

Matt has balanced entrepreneurial spirit with holding Industry leading positions during his career. He was former Head of UK Sales with leading Global Mattress brand Tempur, and has run his own successful businesses in the Hospitality and Contracts markets. As a consummate networker and Sales Director of all things sleep, it was natural for Matt to combine his industry expertise, own napping tales and retail prowess with our Founder’s vision.

In his 15 years on the road talking mattresses, Matt has always been partial to a ‘travel-nap’. Early starts, late finishes, social events and trade fairs around the UK meant a sleep-mask and travel pillow were an essential part of his armoury for trains, planes and in the car. So whilst the benefits were performance enhancing and rejuvenating, wellbeing and safety played an important part too. This spurs Matt on with his love of napping today.

When Matt’s not napping, he is probably counting his steps and pounding the paths of the South Downs running, and he starts most days walking Belle his Springer Spaniel, whom he describes as his ‘Energy Creator’ – setting a clear head and objective mind for the day is important to Matt. Downtime sees Matt enjoying outdoor activities and holidays with his family plus fitting in his keen viewing of NFL and sharing his wine knowledge; it’s no surprise then that Matt loves his Sunday snooze!


I’ve known Matt professionally for many years and he brings warmth, personality, dedication and a smile in all that is required. As an experienced Sales Professional, Team Leader and Team Player, you are in positive, can-do hands with Matt to introduce a napping haven into your organisation.

Tobin James

Managing Director (UK and Benelux Region), Tempur Sealy International

Matt does like to chat, network and develop; so if your priority is a long-term business relationship, having support just a phone call away, honesty portrayed at every angle and passion needed for your every task, then you will be in good hands.

Chris Ward

CEO and Founder, Hotel Makers

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