Greg Potter, PhD

Greg Potter, PhD

Sleep Expert

My PhD focused on sleep, nutrition, and metabolic health, and I now spend much of my time helping people sleep better, working with a range of people from athletes to adventurers to CEOs to psychiatric patients. I do my job because of the preeminent importance of sleep in our lives.

Many of us have lifestyles that interfere with our sleep, working long hours at stressful jobs, looking after people, and residing in noisy areas. The problem is that sleep disruption disposes people to myriad negative consequences, including traffic accidents, poor cognitive function and decision making, mood disorders, neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, and metabolic diseases including diabetes. Insufficient sleep even seems to make people less physically attractive. But the good news is that improving sleep counters these negative consequences, and smart use of napping can be profoundly beneficial in our sleep-disrupted society. This is where ProNappers come in.

The ProNappers team is working hard to help people realise the potentially critical value of napping, educating people to make napping acceptable and doable in our hectic modern lives. I am therefore thrilled to be working with ProNappers to help people reap the rewards of napping! 


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