Dave Gibson

Dave Gibson

Sleep Expert

As a sleep expert I coach and support people at work and home to get a great night’s sleep. Along with exercise and a good diet, sleep is part of the essential component of our health triad.  Sleep is vital to our physical and emotional health and productivity. However, within our hectic 24/7 lifestyle lack of sleep has now become a major health issue. My passion is to inspire families and individuals to change their attitudes and behaviours around sleep.

We’re all naturally bi-phasic sleepers but sadly this has been totally forgotten and shunned in our modern society especially at work. Daytime rest and naps are in fact part of a healthy sleep routine. ProNappers are now breaking down the stigma and making napping normal in the workplace. I am delighted to be working with them as they inspire all of us to place napping at the centre of our daily sleep routine. 

ProNappers do for day-time naps what I do for night-time sleep.





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