Chris Stanley

Chris Stanley

Managing Partner & Chief Nap Officer

Chris is the COO at ProNappers. His strong commercial background is in the Food industry, where he headed up food development for the international contact caterer, Elior’s, UK business with a T/O of £200m. Since 2007, Chris has had his own consultancy firm with nearly 400 cross-sector clients. His largest design and installation project had a gross value of £12m. Chris is excited to now be taking his change, and project management, expertise into another area of workplace wellbeing pillar, sleep.  

Working in the catering industry Chris knows the havoc that split shifts and excessively long shifts can play on your healthy sleep routine. Regularly leaving home at 4am, then a long drive to start at a venue at 8am, often not finishing until 2am, the only way Chris delivered quality time after time to his clients was by proactively napping during the day. Chris knows first-hand that a Power Nap is essential for powerful performance in a grueling, deadline driven workplace. 

When Chris isn’t napping or at work, he is still in the kitchen! His love is for creative cooking; concocting new dishes with his girls, ideally with local produce foraged that day and cooked on a barbeque or open fire. Other pursuits are forestry, exploring the beaches for fossils with his kids and Stanley the dog, cycling and yoga. Chris really is a thoroughly modern man!

When we presented Chris with a seemingly unsolvable situation, with tight resources and competing demands, Chris’s calm presence and ‘outside the box’ thinking gave us a workable solution we hadn’t thought possible. His blend of creativity and pragmatism ensured the design and installation met our needs, on budget and on time. It also delighted us, and the end users. What a result!

We were all feeling down about a project and frustrated by the HSE requirements, but when Chris came in with his wholehearted belief that anything is possible it gave us hope. He ‘sees’ the solution when all we could see was how it couldn’t be done.  But don’t be worried that Chris’s vision is the stuff of dreams, he backs up his imagination with a sound, step by step plan that delivers and satisfies the Authorities.

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