Cara Moore

Cara Moore

CEO and Founder

Cara is a highly regarded executive and life coach, holding the prestigious ICF Professional Certified Coach credential. Previously she had a professional services career as a Chartered Surveyor having graduated from Cambridge University. She now brings her warmth and wisdom to leading her ProNappers team on their mission to get the Nation Napping.

Cara unashamedly naps every day, in private or equally happily in plain sight! It is her super power that makes her a positive powerhouse in business, for her family and in life.

When Cara’s not napping, she is often to be found walking Google, her gorgeous Springer Spaniel on Wittering Beach, keeping abreast about what her three grown up sons are up to or drinking a glass of wine with friends, usually evangelising about napping.


I’ve known Cara professionally for many years and she brings integrity, insight and an intelligent approach to all that she does. As an experienced consultant and facilitator, you are in trusted, expert hands with Cara to introduce a pro-napping culture into your organisation.

Rina Goldenberg Lynch

CEO, Voice At The Table

Cara is a woman who gets things done and isn’t afraid to call things out and challenge the status quo. With her vision and infectious persistence, I am confident that she will be the catalyst to bring our human need to rest and recharge to the fore and make a massive difference to the health and happiness of those in the workplace

Vanessa Kingsmill

Head of Practice Management, Alternative Legal Services, global leading Law Firm

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