The Art of Napping; by Franklin Sooho Lee


Book overview:

Go take a nap. No this isn’t a parent pushing a cranky toddler to lay down. This is something you will soon hear from your boss. Sleep deprivation costs U.S. companies over $400 billion every year due to lost employee productivity and increased health costs. Author Franklin Lee offers a surprising answer to crises of worker productivity and rising health insurance costs: Napping as an employee benefit. Inside you’ll read and learn: * How more sleep can increase your annual salary and your attractiveness * How companies like Google, Facebook, and NASA are offering naps to their employees to increase productivity in the workplace * How ‘sleep’ cities, and sleep technologies are paving a new era of ‘sleep’ economies intended to earn companies and countries more money. The Art of Napping provides the biggest paradigm shift in sleep since Thomas Edison’s invention of the lightbulb. Lee’s book provides a playbook for savvy companies, executives and managers to develop and deliver increased performance and health outcomes to their employees — all while saving themselves billions.

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About the Author;

Franklin Sooho Lee is the founder and CEO of Dragon’s Lair™, a company headquartered in New York City developing virtual reality bedrooms in major metropolitan areas. Lee has had a complicated relationship with sleep since he was young — frequently having trouble falling asleep at night. He would brainstorm creative ways so that he could squeeze extra minutes of sleep early in the morning before heading to school. Lee wanted to fully justify his love of napping to his parents. So while studying Anthropology and East Asian Studies at Harvard College and later International Political Economy at Georgetown’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Lee pursued research on sleep deprivation’s impact on urban cities




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