Podtime Premium Pod

Designed for dedicated personal space within your Nap Havens, the Pods ooze quality, comfort, clever design features and detail to ensure the perfect conditions and resting position for a rejuvenating Power Nap. If you want to make some nap-noise for your staff to say “It’s OK to Nap” then these certainly make a statement…..Podtime sells rest.

The Pods give your staff a sanctuary for rest in privacy and security, away from their otherwise busy environment. The simplicity of design blends fresh and roomy space with superior comfort and practicality. With two bed profiles available (S-Curve or lie flat), Pods can be used for staff relaxation, recovery, mindfulness, de-stress and of course most importantly to us, for a short power nap. Multiple benefits all round. Made in the UK from robust materials they are easy to clean and easy to maintain.

Podtime to get napping

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Premium Pod Features:
  • Strong modular construction

  • Flat or ‘S-Curve’ bed profile (frame for both included)

  • Premium bespoke upholstered mattress

  • The mattress is made of PolyUrethan Vinyl

  • ‘Open-top’ door aperture

  • Solid smooth action sliding canopy door

  • Ample ventilation inlets (naturally ventilated)

  • Simple self-assembly with instructions provided

Premium Pod Benefits:
  • Spacious personal environment to relax or nap undisturbed in full privacy

  • Very easy entry and exit

  • Large internal space

  • Easy manual door operation

  • Security and comfort

  • Partial external noise reduction

Technical Specification:

Assembled Dimensions:

120cm (W) x 132cm (H) x 233cm (L)

47 1/4" (W) x 52" (H) x 91 3/4" (L)

Palletised Shipping Dimensions:

120cm (W) x 100cm (L) x 225cm (H)

47 1/4" (W) x 39 3/8" (L) x 88 1/2" (H)

Shipping Weight:

105kgs with mattress, 98kgs without mattress (including pallet weight)

230lbs with mattress, 215lbs without mattress (including pallet weight)


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