Ostrichpillow® LOOP Eye Pillow


With a wrapping design that offers unparalleled comfort and a total blackout sensation, Ostrichpillow® LOOP helps you break loose from the urging pressures of modern life.

Perfect for travel, personal work-space or anywhere you need to take a Power Nap.



  • OSTRICHPILLOW LOOP is the revolutionary eye pillow, designed to be a stylish and portable way to disconnect and have a moment for yourself. For your commute, at work and/or at home, the blackout sensation helps you take a dreamily comfortable mini break. 
  • SUPER VERSATILE: Whether you want to disconnect and have a power nap or simply have a moment to yourself, the exceptionally portable LOOP is ideal, especially when combined with your headphones.
  • SOFT FEEL: Lovingly hand made using a dreamily soft high quality combination of viscose and elastomer, together with the next generation coated microbead filling create a perfect partnership, helping you drift calmly into relaxation mode.
  • CLEVER DESIGN: The unique design has transformed the traditional eye mask into a eye pillow that hugs your head, giving that you that cocoon feeling to help you relax a have a moment to yourself. The VELCRO brand closures allow for a wide range of head sizes to use the LOOP.
  • HAND WASHABLE: You can gently spot clean your OSTRICHPILLOW using mild soap and water, making sure to thoroughly air dry afterwards, so it feels good as new! Please visit our website for full care instructions.

116 x 3 (cm)
45.66 x 1.18 (inches)


Fabric: 95 % Viscose – 5% Elastomer


Polystyrene microbeads

Head size

Thanks to its Velcro®Brand closure, it fits wide range of heads, up to 60cm of perimeter.


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