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You will like the iconic designs. You will like the opportunity to give yourself and your staff the perfect nap armoury. Look and rest no further than OSTRICHPILLOW.

In their own words “OSTRICHPILLOW started with a dream, as so often happens with unexpected revolutions”. A vision back in 2012, the OP team noted the world was suffering from serious sleep deprivation. A clever device that would allow people to rest where they wanted and when they wanted to needed to be invented.

The GO Pillow allows you to create your own snugly space in the world and feel-good anywhere. Its the ultimate cocoon pillow…now with Velcro. Proven luxury comfort for frequent Nappers to take anywhere you GO. Comfy inside and out, it embodies a natural support to your neck, awarding a well-deserved daydream and nap anywhere.

Stand out above the crowd.

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DREAM IN STYLE – Ostrichpillow® GO is an elegant design. With high density memory foam offering 360º natural ergonomic neck support, this is an ideal napping and travel companion. Perfect for the modern nomad to enjoy the luxury feeling of home, anywhere.

EASY TO CARRY – the smart high density memory foam is specifically designed to provide a superior comfort feel. This allows the GO pillow to fit into its included travel convenient bag that’s half its size.

CUSTOM FEEL – the VELCRO® brand closure and the softness of the viscolastic sleeve will mean you have a perfect custom fit to help you drift off into dreamland.

MACHINE WASHABLE SLEEVE – the easily removable and washable sleeve made out of wonderfully soft and breathable fabric makes it perfect for frequent travellers.

UNBOXING – let your GO rest for a minimum of 72 hours after its long journey to meet you.


Measurements: Length 26cm x Width 24.1cm x Height 15cm (Highest Point)
Neck support: Secured with VELCRO® brand closures which provide you with your perfect custom fit.
Fabric: 95 % Viscose – 5% Elastomer
Filling: High density and compressible memory foam
Travel Bag: Every GO comes with a convenient travel friendly bag.
Cleaning: 100% machine washable cover.

The OSTRICHPILLOW GO’s fabric sleeve can be machine washed at low temperature (30C and under) on a nylon or polyester setting. With a little detergent (no fabric softner), and then air dried. It’s important to make sure that the velcro straps are closed together when washing.

For best results, we still recommend spot washing, to avoid any damage to the VELCRO® brand closures (when VELCRO® brand closures are washed, it can sometimes require extra force to maintain a strong grip).

Please do not machine wash, tumble dry, iron, bleach or dry clean the memory foam core of your OSTRICHPILLOW GO, as it will damage your pillow and interrupt your trendy napping style.


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