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Do you want to know why having a nap could be a good thing for you to do?
Do you want to nap but don’t know how to?
Do you already nap, but do it secretly and want to know how you can shift the stigma?

Nap School has the answers for you!

Nap School comprises of 3 x 15 minute interactive e-learning modules. Combining video shorts, infographics, e-quizzes and simple guides, the modules focus on the recovery and wellbeing aspects of why and how to nap.

Module 1 tells you about The Strategic Importance of Rest and Recovery
Module 2 tells you ALL the Benefits and Science of why naps work
Module 3 tells you how to have the Perfect Nap and Shift the Stigma

The modules in more detail:

Module 1 explains the strategic importance of Rest and Recovery for wellbeing and performance. You instinctively know that regular time out is vital, yet you override this basic need at your peril. In this module you’ll learn why unplugging and resting is the energy management tool you need to take seriously.

Module 2 sets out the proven science and benefits of napping. You’ll learn that napping is a normal human function and how in just 20 minutes your mind and body can benefit, making you more focused, productive, calmer and nicer to be around in the workplace or at home.

Module 3 helps you have the perfect nap. You’ll learn to recognise the signs of fatigue in yourself and how to give yourself permission to nap. You’ll learn how to optimise sound, light, temperature, aroma and position for the perfect 20-minute nap so that you wake up refreshed and ready for the rest of your day.

4 reviews for Nap School

  1. Marie Chequer (verified owner)

    Review from Marie Chequer, Global Wellbeing Lead at PwC: “I’ve just taken a look through the Nap school modules and they’re really great. Simple and informative! Module 1 has very similar content to our Rest & Recovery toolkit, and the second and third are great deep dives into the benefits of sleep and napping.”

  2. Peter Mostachetti (verified owner)

    Review from Peter Mostachetti, Global People & Culture Lead, IBM: “I’ve gone through the Nap School modules and what a delight! It wasn’t too long (I think I took about 40 min.), and there were some really extra nice touches along the way:

    Module 1: The quotes and timeline were super fun, as was the snippet about the door (the war bunkers)
    Module 2: The TEDx Video, the sleep table, and tips for better sleep
    Module 3: Loved the three types of naps

    I like the mix of comic, and real images – and Cartoon Cara was a nice touch.”

  3. Jo Riddell (verified owner)

    Review from Jo Riddell, Senior Employee Relations Manager at Selfridges: “I really enjoyed looking through the e-learning modules, it was easy to navigate, gave great insight and tips on the science, benefits of a nap, how to nap effectively etc.

    I liked the interactive-ness of the sessions and I think this would be a really lovely follow up to the live session we did with ProNappers a couple of months ago.”

    (Selfridges have now purchased a Nap School lisence for all their employees to access)

  4. Mark Kibblewhite

    I subscribed to Nap School with interest but quickly recognised the science behind the easy practical element is compelling enough. Now having tried napping, the results are abundent, my day doesn’t start to flag at 3pm and evenings can be as long as you like.

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