Götessons Office Nap Seating

We have found a strong link for rest and relaxation with the Nordics, and the Swedish business Gotessons carry that message too. Their recently developed Napping Seating range offers functionality and eye-catching design and continues their “from workplace to creative space” motto. Perfect for your Nap Havens.

In Gotessons own words “everyone knows how good you feel after a short nap” and they had that in mind when they created a piece of furniture to aid staff to nap and consequently receive increased energy and joy at work. Office Nap Seating is filled with EPP bullets, a feature that means the product can immediately adjusts to body shape, making it possible for your staff to quickly relax.

Designed and manufactured in Sweden for the office environment, the collection is made of eco-friendly materials. Dual purpose, the Seating can also be used to sit in an upright position, if for some reason you’ve missed your planned time to nap.


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A soft seating furniture for the short nap to quickly get energy for the next meeting. Ideal for creative meetings in the activity-based landscape. A short nap during working hours can enhance performance and job satisfaction. Office Nap is designed and manufactured in Sweden to fit the office environment and is made of eco-friendly materials. It is also great to sit in an upright position,

The Inner bag can be covered with fabric of choice from the Gotessons collection, please contact us for sample options.

Sizing: Width 70cm x Depth 140cm x Height 60cm.
Bottom of the seating range is always covered in grey leather.
Zip finishing can also be chosen from the Gotessons collection.


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