Flare Audio SLEEEP® PRO earplugs (Titanium)


Introducing SLEEEP by Flare Audio, a truly tiny earplug designed especially for a long and uninterrupted night’s sleep or nap.

A revolutionary new earplug designed especially for all night comfort and blocking irritating noises. ProNappers love as the perfect accessory for switching off to nap securely, safely and in comfort

Sleeep comes in two models: Natural Aluminium and Silver Pink and Sleeep PRO, which is available in titanium.

They’re dual tipped with newly developed, super-soft memory-foam tips (Earfoams) which are not only more durable, but also much more comfortable to sleep in.

Sleeep has a metal core that is almost entirely encapsulated in memory-foam for maximum comfort. (Replacement Earfoams are available)

In order to achieve maximum noise reduction, the earplugs must be fitted correctly.

Please fully read and understand the fitting instructions provided for the best performance.


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All purchase terms and conditions when buying from Flare Audio can be found https://www.flareaudio.com/pages/refund-and-returns-policy 

*The use of this code means your transaction and details will be held by Flare Audio and your contract of purchase is through Flare Audio. ProNappers run an affiliate scheme with Flare Audio whereby we receive a commission for advertising their products and a consequent purchase.




Technical Specification: (Titanium PRO)

A truly tiny earplug made with a solid titanium core. Dual-tips allow the user to put a larger size on the outside to act as a large cushion on the ear.

TECHNOLOGY: Sound is reduced by the change in density of materials between the memory-foam tip, the solid titanium core and then back through the memory-foam tip.

CORE SIZE• Length: 14mm • Width: 7mm (Measured with tips on)

MATERIALS • Grade 5 titanium in a natural finish and •super-soft memory-foam Earfoams®

ACCESSORIES with every Sleeep® Pro, you also receive three sets of Earfoams® (in 3 sizes) and a Flare® mesh pouch.

For more information on the longevity of the Earfoams® please see Flare Audios FAQs.


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