EnergyPod by Metronaps

The EnergyPod is the world’s first chair designed for napping in the workplace. All of its features, including a privacy visor, built-in timer and specifically composed sleep music, are designed to help the user relax.

The EnergyPod wakes the user with a gentle but effective combination of light, sound, and vibration.

Key features include;

  • One touch start button activates a 20 minute nap with music, lights and vibration.
  • Recline the napping pod to reduce pressure on the cardiac system by elevating the feet.
  • The visor rotates to block out external light & sounds while providing privacy for the user.

For further details please see below specifications.

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  • ERGONOMIC PERFECTION – Reclining the chair elevates the feet and reduces pressure on the cardiac system. The seat contour relaxes the muscles of the lower back with a slight bend of the knees.
  • DURABLE COMFORT – The EnergyPod features high quality synthetic leather upholstery. Soft and smooth, the cushion in the EnergyPod is extremely comfortable. It is also durable and easy to clean.
  • SAFE STORAGE – Two internal compartments within theEnergyPod ensure the safe storage of personal belongings. There is ample space for a bag.
  • PRIVACY VISOR – Rotate the privacy visor to the desired position with a gentle pull. The visor provides semi-privacy without overly enclosing, blocking out distractions and concealing the user.
  • SIMPLE INTERFACE – Set the timer to the desired duration or use the one-touch start button for a perfect pre-programmed 20-minute nap. A built-in music player helps eliminate surrounding distractions and creates a relaxing atmosphere. Listen through the internal Bose speakers or use with headphones.


  • METRONAPS MUSIC – MetroNaps Music is the result of extensive collaboration with an established sleep doctor and a renowned concert pianist. The technology optimizes a rest session by playing content unique to each of the three key phases of short sleep: 1. hypnologic (sleep inducing) 2. rest (maintaining) 3. hypnopompic (waking).
  • TIMED WAKING – Napping at work without the risk of oversleeping. The EnergyPod wakes users with a gentle but effective combination of light, sound and vibration.
  • GUIDED RELAXATION – Pzizz guided relaxation is a unique content session featuring vocal support for a brief rest.
  • STATUS INDICATOR – The status indicator features red and green occupancy lights. The lights also communicate time remaining during use, making it easy for users to see when the EnergyPod is available, and if currently occupied, when it will next be free.
  • USAGE TRACKING – The i20 system records usage data, which can be translated into individual device reports. Usage across devices can then be compared for effectiveness, producing valuable information for facility management.


Height (H) 147 cm / 58 in
Width (W) 122 cm / 48 in
Length (L) 212 cm / 83.5 in

One (1) grounded power outlet, 120V. Max draw of 100 WATTS


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