TOOtheBOOTH Nap Compact individual lounging space with accoustic side panels and roof. Available in a selection of fabrics, it’s contemporary design is a stand out feature for any office and encourage your staff to feel comfortable about taking a power-nap.




Agilita was born out of a frustration at the lack of genuine innovation in the UK furniture market. Since their launch in 2016 they have quickly established themselves as a company who is changing this. They have received very positive responses from a mix of professionals from both the Architect and Design community, Furniture Consultants and Facilities teams throughout the UK and Ireland. Their products are fit for purpose in almost every working environment whether it be a corporate refurbishment, educational spaces or in a hotel lobby.

ProNappers welcome being associated with AGILITA and their range of inspiring and agile office furniture, to help you create comforting napping havens, individual dedicated nap spaces and approach wellbeing directives within your furniture assortment.


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