During the C-19 Pandemic we’re still here to normalise napping at work – even if that is now at home – to lift wellbeing and performance. 

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Lift performance,

take a power nap

ProNappers is a fresh new consultancy formed of coaches, wellbeing practitioners and sleep experts and we have the science, thought-leadership, consultancy and nap-room expertise to support you in making napping a normal and even a necessary part of optimum workplace performance.

What we do …

Napping Products

We curate the best napping products on the market and give you our opinion so you can rest assured you’re getting the best nap.


Our Naptivist workshops are:

· Different & inspiring

· Interactive & participative

· Personal & reflective

· Engaging & multisensory

· Fact-packed & fun-filled


Find out how we help individuals, managers, leaders and whole organisations develop new knowledge and confidence to normalise napping in the workplace for improved wellbeing and performance.

Nap Room Design and Installation

From a bespoke set of napping products to the entire refurbishment of a nap room, we can help create a space nappers will want to use.

Naps in the News

How To Nap To Reduce Covid-19 Stress

“I am a 57 year old businessman. Without fail I take a 30 minute nap every day of the week, including weekends. It works wonders. Cara Moore, CEO of ProNappers, explains the many benefits of napping and introduces the Circadian Rhythm.”

Mental Health Mark (15th May 2020)

Less Zoom, more Zzzzz: Why it’s OK to sleep on the job

We’ve been speaking to The Sunday Post about how to boost your energy level during the C-19 crisis! 

Afternoon naps offer an effective solution for homeworker suffering from burnout after juggling home-schooling with a demanding day job and hours of  Zoom meetings. 

“As well as feeling refreshed and revitalised afterwards, taking a nap also improves your focus and concentration, which many home workers struggle with.”

Read the article here!

The Sunday Post (15th May 2020)

How Can Napping Boost Productivity at Work?

Our fab Nap consultant Sam Ellis was due to speak at an In-house Recruitment conference in May in Manchester which has been sadly cancelled, so the clever team have collated a few mini ‘trailers’ for when it’s rescheduled. Here Sam is at home, talking about napping for productivity. She has squeezed a lot of benefits into just 2 minutes!

In-House Recruitment (1st April 2020)

THE SNOOZE FACTOR: Why Napping Is The Performance Booster Your Employees Need

#ChatTalent were kind enough to invite us to write an article for World Sleep Day.

 Are you a napper?

Is napping the answer to getting the best out of your people? 

When talking about employee performance and wellbeing we all too often forget to consider the snooze factor. This is a fundamental oversight because sleep is serious business, and it’s costing your business hard-earned cash.

Napping is the overlooked solution to our global productivity crisis.

Read the article here.

#ChatTalent (13th March 2020)

How to get more sleep

We’ve been speaking to the FT about Naps! In Dan Garrahan’s video: ‘How to get more sleep,’ he gets some top napping tips from Cara Moore (our founder) and gives napping a try in the FT offices – watch below to find out how he gets on.

Watch the video here via@FT


Financial Times (13th February 2020)

Could power naps be the answer to a woke workplace?

ProNappers was recently featured in The Telegraph speaking about its mission to normalise napping at work.

Read the article here

The Telegraph (15th January 2020)

Follow this link to read more naps in the news 

Latest Nap Chats

If you’d like to know what we know about napping, then dive in to one of our many blogs on the subject. You can find more here

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