By Maxwell Modell

Our lives are in flux. I think that’s a fair assessment. No one in living memory has experienced a situation like the one we find ourselves in at this very moment. I am of course referring to the Coronavirus pandemic. This emergency touches every life in Britain (and most of the world) and is fundamentally changing our work culture. We’re being told we must stay home and that if possible we must work from home too. As a consequence bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens across the country are transforming into home offices. While inevitably stressful, this new and strange situation offers us a unique opportunity to control our working environment and practices. 

Working from home is the perfect opportunity to have a nap

If you’ve been reading our blogs, you’ll know that every day between 1-3pm the afternoon slump rolls around, when our natural cicadian urge to sleep increases and if we do nothing about it, our productivity dips.  This creates a need to nap. However, even if we recognise our sleepiness in the office, we are often forced to power through, either due to the stigma about napping or not having anywhere to go to nap. 

Our Big Nap Survey of 500 people in 2019 revealed that people know that a 20-minute power nap has a positive impact on our productivity, energy levels and mood. 72% of respondents actively wanted a place to nap at work with 84% believing it should be an acceptable working practice. 

Now we are all working from home we have the perfect opportunity to put this desire into practice and take a refresh nap to boost productivity and mood without judgement or shame. A refresh nap is a short 20-minute power nap designed to hit the pause, reset and boost buttons to allow you to make the most of the rest of your day. And if you have partners and kids at home, get them to have a nap too!

Napping can help you cope with your reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic

Napping is not just a mechanism to boost productivity but also a valuable tool for coping with this unprecedented situation. Despite getting a good night’s sleep I am finding myself needing more sleep than usual with all the uncertainty which surrounds us. Processing and adapting to the rapid and shocking change is tiring and means our ability to focus and remain resilient is under constant challenge.

Having a daytime nap is proving invaluable in helping me feel in control and positive (rather than overwhelmed and anxious) despite these extreme conditions. After my nap I’m Iess less likely to snap at loved ones when we’re spending so much time together. 

We’re all exhausted so now is the time to listen to your body and grab twenty winks to prepare yourself for whatever comes next.

Tips to up your napping game

  1. Avoid your bed – An obstacle which home nappers face is the lure of their bed. Our beds can seem so comforting and cosy, but this is something to steer clear of when napping. This is because if you’re really snug it’ll be much harder to wake yourself up after 20 minutes and get on with the rest of your day. You’re much better off napping on the sofa or in a reclining chair ideally at 45 degrees with your legs, spine and head well supported.
  2. But get nap ready – Pop on an eye mask, pull up a blanket over your knees and use our nap aroma inhaler. It’s unique blend of relaxing and citrus oils will help you nod off and awake refreshed.
  3. Try our Nap Meditations – A refresh nap can seem daunting for a novice. How do I ensure I don’t sleep too long? What if I can’t get to sleep? How do I get into the right headspace? Worry not, we’ve got you covered. Our nap meditations are purposely designed to put you in the right headspace to drift you to sleep and gently wake you up again feeling refreshed and ready for the rest of your day. For these and our other nap essentials, visit our Nap Store

During these unprecedented times, we must look after ourselves to stay mentally and physically well. Taking myself off for a nap is an act of self-care and a bit of time to myself to escape from emails, online meetings and the business of working with others at home. Why not try making a nap part of your new daily routine?


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