Napping can help you become the next Einstein

Albert Einstein had one of the most advanced minds in history. Einstein also took daily afternoon naps. While initially these two facts seem unconnected, this may not be the case. German neurologists found that napping after learning something new makes you 5 times more likely to remember it compared to if you stay awake. This is because the tranquil state of sleep is linked to memory. This means not only will napping keep you refreshed but it’ll also help make you a genius

Napping is a stress buster

An afternoon nap can help you zap stress and release tensions. Research by Allegheny College suggests a nap accelerates recovery after psychological stress. So if you’ve had a stressful day a nap could be the perfect lifestyle medicine to keep you feeling your best.

Napping boosts your mood

I’m sure you don’t need science to tell you that you napping boosts your mood, but if you still need convincing the science backs this up. When you nap serotonin is released, this is the chemical which regulates our mood, sleep, and appetite. Serotonin is also a mood enhancer. It’s basically natural Xanax. I’m in!

Napping allows you to be laser focused in the afternoons

We have all been victim to the afternoon slump when we become sluggish and our brain slows down, this is not good for productivity. The solution is to take a nap. NASA found an afternoon nap increased alertness by 54%. This is ensures you’ll be able to keep paying attention throughout the afternoon and smash those post lunch meetings.

Napping improves your decision making

University of Bristol researchers found that even a short nap can improve your ability to weigh the pros and cons of difficult decisions. So whether you’re making investment decisions, problem solving, or deciding what to have for lunch, you’ll be better off doing it after a nap.

Napping can heighten your senses

Napping makes you feel more which allows you to live more. A nap can heighten your senses as effectively as a full night of sleep according to sleep researcher Sara C. Mednick. This means that after a nap the summer sky will be more beautiful, strawberries will taste sweeter and Beyonce will sound even fiercer. Who doesn’t want that?

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